Bob Update/Rally

I spoke with Bob over the weekend and he sounded in good spirits.  Asked if he was ready to be “sprung” from the joint and I got a resounding “YES”.  He says they tell him he is continuing to make progress but as I’m sure we all know it comes in baby steps.  He wants me to tell everyone how much he appreciates all the cards and letters and prayers.  Please keep them coming with words of encouragement.  We need to have him home prior to the rally which starts on September 10th, just a little over a month away.

I also received an email today from Linda (Bob’s daughter) who says the therapists have told him he must start doing everything unassisted.  That means that his progress is pretty much in his hands for the next 30 days.  Remember those cards and letters and how much they mean–prayers go without saying.  He still has a feeding tube but is scheduled to visit UNC Chapel Hill on the 18th to review the situation with his esophagus and hopefully receive some help with opening that up so that he can move towards a regular diet and removal of the tube.

Speaking of the rally, don’t forget that reservations (MANDATORY) must be received by August 31st, a little less than 4 weeks away.  I realize that this is usually not a requirement but because of the large number expected it is imperative for the food preparation and parking layout.

Stay cool!




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