Note from President in Perry

Note  From Your President


We made it to Perry, GA, all  22 coaches.  Welcome to all that were able to make it to this event and for giving of your time to Volunteer working with Security. No side arms were needed , just a pleasant smile  and a nice “Thank you for coming” was our weapon of choice.  Also, some of the folks worked for Handicap Golf Carts.

Happy that  Ralph & Jo Esposito were able to join us, despite  some of your issues you were able to get here.  Ralph, there  are some  great deals on tow bars and base plates here at the Rally,

Our presence has been noticed once again. The Pelicans were thanked by our National President, Charlie Adcock for stepping up and helping . With our assistance, the security folks had one of the larger groups of helpers in a long time. You folks are great.

Hope Harvey and Yvonne enjoy many more years traveling in their upgrade to a 42 footer, Bet you didn’t realize you had all those goodies in that older rig until you had to move . Enjoy.

Also our chapter continues to grow with as many as four new members.

After Perry some of us are off to Hilton Head, where we will be joined by some of the folks who were unable to be here .

Once again thanks for your support, we all should be proud of the Carolina Pelicans.

Safe travels

Linda Kolfrat


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