James Island Rally

Twenty Carolina Pelican Coaches gathered at James Island County Park in Charleston, SC on June 1 – 5.  Hosts for the rally were Pat and Ron Knight and Linda and Jim Kolfrat.  The participants enjoyed socializing, eating at the Tomato Shed on John’s Island, having breakfast together, and the great dog park at the facility.  Most of the group split up and went sightseeing during the daylight hours. Some went shopping in the Market, others took carriage rides, and some went on an informative cruise on the harbor. The Harbor Cruise took us past Ft. Sumter and Ft. Moultrie, as well as the Yorktown carrier and the Ravenel Bridge.  The view of the battery was unique. After the Harbor Cruise, a group went to Red’s Ice House on Shem Creek for a delicious seafood lunch.  Some of us wanted to revisit the submarine the Hunley since it is now in a more viewable position, but when we found it closed on Friday and Saturday, we went to Magnolia Cemetery and found the burial location of all three crews who perished while giving birth to submarine warfare.  Charleston is a great location with plenty to attract almost every interest.  We look forward to visiting it again at a future fally.  It was great to meet several new members, and we welcome them to our Pelican Flock, and look forward to seeing everyone at our next rally at the Billup’s Ranch in Effingham or at GEAR in October



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