About Us

CAROLINA PELICAN members typically come from the Eastern areas of North and South Carolina within 150 miles of Myrtle Beach.  Formed in 2002, there are 60 chapter members. Chapter dues are $20 per year with no initiation fee.  We ask that you purchase a name badge for approximately $11.  To show our pride when we visit other rallies we have available shirts, hats, visors and banners with the chapter logo.  Most of our members are 50 plus—we are, however, actively seeking members of all ages from all locations.  Newsletters generally are published quarterly.

The best part of being a CAROLINA PELICAN is, of course, you get to attend our rallies which are four in number usually in the months of April, June, October and December—and don’t forget about the Great Eastern Area Rally (GEAR)—more about that later.  Rally fees are $50.00 which does not include the camping fee.  Festivities begin on Thursday and conclude on Sunday.  Thursday evening dinner is usually on your own.  Friday & Saturday you can join us having breakfast, with dinners or a pot luck in the evening. Thursdays will find some members on the golf course while others opt to visit one of the local attractions or shopping at local merchants.  The group generally visits a local restaurant for Thursday dinner followed by games and fellowship in the campground meeting facility.  We kick Saturday off with a breakfast followed by our business meeting.  There are usually no scheduled activities on Saturday afternoon but you’re likely to find a group gathered around one of the coaches discussing the favorite topic of the day. Many times it involves fellow members providing help and information to solve a particular problem that someone has encountered.  As the old saying goes “Profit from the mistakes of others because you will never live long enough to make them all yourself.”

I mentioned GEAR earlier—it’s one of the favorite activities of the year since we volunteer as a group (usually 10-13 coaches) and work and play alongside other chapters from the Eastern Area.

For additional information, or to join us at one of our scheduled rallies, contact Linda Kolfrat at 914-456- 5043 or lmuller43@aol.com


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