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GEAR Chapter Fair & Chapter Parade

Linda Muller received this flyer relating to the Chapter Fair and Chapter Parade for GEAR.  This is being forwarded so you will have some time to think about what we can do as a chapter.  Keep in mind that the Carolina Pelicans have a reputation for “WINNING”.  Put your minds in gear (creative) and commit your thoughts to paper.  This will be discussed in depth and final plans developed at the Billups Rally.  REMEMBER THE THEME:  IT’S SHOWTIME!!


GEAR 2012 Travel

Just a short update on GEAR and travel arrangements.  Art gave me a wake-up call reminding me that if we wait until Billups Rally to make travel arrangements it just might be too late.  We have 12 coaches registered and it’s my understanding that 8 of those will be spending Saturday night on the road.  The plan is to rendezvous at the Amerikamps KOA in Ashland, VA (just north of Richmond).  I-95 Exit 89 Phone 1-800-628-2802.  Billups, Dimmery & Walsh are registered which leaves Hundley, Page, Perry, Sturgis, & Councilman who are not registered if planning to rendezvous at Ashland.  Chris and I rendezvoused there on our last trip to York and it’s a nice facility.  There is a fuel stop at Exit 89.

I spoke with reservations this morning and at this time they have adequate sites for Oct 6 so I would suggest making your reservations by the end of the weekend and confirming the same with Pete Walsh, the wagonmaster–843-615-0298.


It appears that the Pelicans have once again surpassed all expectations and will be a shining star at GEAR 2012.  Everyone is registered but there’s one more tiny little tidbit that needs to be accomplished.  We should all have our credentials.  Check your credentials and make sure that they indicate VOLUNTEER ELECTRIC.  If they indicate otherwise(amazing, but that has happened), call either Chris or me and we will assist in correcting the problem.  Further instructions will be forthcoming at the Billups Rally(Pete is the Wagonmaster for those desiring to caravan) but keep in mind that GEAR is only a week away after the Billups Rally so best to resolve  any problems prior to Billups Rally.



On Tuesday Tee visited her lung surgeon to receive the results of her latest CT Scan.  Great news–no change from her last scan in February.  Now if we can just gain control of her blood pressure, all will be well!

Harvey had his heart catherization yesterday and passed with flying colors!  The bad news is that there’s still no answer as to his symptoms of fatigue, etc.  A change of blood pressure medications may assist.

For those who may be considering an early arrival in York for GEAR, SOONER RATHER THAN LATER is the time for reservations.  Chris and Nancy managed to snag an opening at Gettysburg KOA–it took me 3 tries to snag one at Artillery Ridge Campground.  Good luck!


Volunteer Craft Instructors wanted for GEAR 2012
It is a well known fact that GEAR has great craft seminars. If you enjoy a particular craft, you too can be a
GEAR Craft Instructor.
We are currently looking for volunteers to teach a craft seminar at GEAR 2012, Oct. 9-14, 2012 in York, PA
If you or a friend is interested please contact:
Andrea Sponenberg


Chris and Nancy and Tee and I attended the planning meeting for GEAR 2012 last weekend, May 4-6, in York, PA.  The York Expo Center is the site for GEAR 2012 and we were treated to an in-depth tour of the entire facility.  In our opinion it is a first class facility in all respects—buildings, grounds, and staff, not to mention the surrounding area which offers scenery, history (think Gettysburg), and the Factory Tour Capital of the World.  I’m thinking out loud with a lot of this commentary so don’t take it as gospel—things will get firmed up later.  I do hope, however, that it will generate some excitement for GEAR.  If you’ve never spent any time in this area, consider going up a week or so early and take advantage of all that is offered.  For some additional information check out Experience York Online.

We rendezvoused at the Americamps/Richmond North KOA (Ashland, VA) on Thursday and then traveled to York via I95, I495, I695, and I83.  Be sure to get an extra refill on your Valium, Ativan or your favorite stress reliever if you choose this route.  The KOA is at I95 exit 89 and offers a TA truck stop.  I would recommend a refuel at this point which allows one to not refuel until you are past this point on the way back south.  This park is above average and offers pull throughs.  It’s possible that a special rate could be negotiated since, hopefully, we are talking a minimum of 10 coaches.  The rendezvous location, of course, will be chosen by the wagonmaster for this event.  We have identified three possible routes to GEAR and have traveled two of them.  Nancy is going to provide detailed information for each of them at some point in the future.

Regardless of the route selected, we suggest traveling in 2’s—maximum of 3—for both safety and sanity purposes.  Final rendezvous will be in the Holding Area which is located just inside entry gate 6 at York.  Once all the coaches are in the Holding Area, parking will commence.  Chris did a fantastic job in securing the parking area for the Pelicans—just would not take NO for an answer.  It is a nice grassy area which will only accommodate about 20 coaches and we have been guaranteed 10 sites comfortably spaced.  In order to park in this area you must have VOLUNTEER ELECTRIC credentials when you arrive.  But wait, there’s more—water with the possibility that you might have to fill your fresh water tank as needed and use from it so bring an extra fresh water hose and a Y.  But wait, there’s more—gray water dump capability with a garden hose so you’ll need that adapter on your dump exit and maybe another Y.  Please keep in mind that this is gray water only—NO exceptions.  For black dump there will be honey wagon service or you could unhook and use one of the two dump stations on the grounds.

Nancy will be including some additional items, including a picture of our parking area, in the next newsletter.  For those who might be interested, walking distance from our parking area to our Registration site is approximately 300 yards.  For those who might want to look at the entire facility (99 acres), go to Google Earth and type in York Expo Center.  Another recommendation is to carry a few extra boards to assist in leveling.


  1. WiFi is available inside the main building.
  2. Shower facilities are also available 24 hours a day.
  3. Food services will be available on the grounds.
  4. Please bring your hats if you have them from previous years.

In summary, Pelicans are to arrive in York on Sunday, October 7th, which means Saturday night at the selected rendezvous spot.  Chris must submit the volunteer names to the Eastern Area Volunteer Coordinator who will forward them to FMCA where Credentials are issued.  Unless your name is on the list you will not get Volunteer Credentials so we need to get this done soon so that those inevitable errors can be corrected.  Remember VOLUNTEER ELECTRIC and only 10 guaranteed spots.

To register you can go to the Eastern Area Website and click on Register and it will take you to the correct section of FMCA.


Just a reminder to all–the Carolina Pelicans have a reputation to uphold so the hope is that everyone will do their utmost to attend GEAR 2012 where we will meet and greet all attendees and in our spare time dazzle … Continue reading


Here’s the latest from Nancy–once again if you can’t get to the Newsletter through this link, email me or call me and we’ll attempt to resolve the problem.  Click here

Carolina Pelicans Newsletter #4



Here’s the latest from Nancy–once again if you can’t get to the Newsletter through this link, email me or call me and we’ll attempt to resolve the problem.  Click here

Pelicans Newsletter #3


GEAR 2011 Community Donations


10,922 meals from 2010 collections

 In addition to volunteering for GEAR we will once again be collecting non-perishable food products and cash for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina.

Suggested items: canned meats, tuna fish, dry or canned beans, chili, beef stew, peanut butter, canned fruit juice, shelf stable milk, canned vegetables, spaghetti sauce, canned fruit, dried fruit, all types of pasta, low sugar/high fiber cereals, whole grain rice, cream of wheat, oatmeal.  Please, no glass containers and no perishables.

Hope to see everyone at the Billups in October.  Have a great finish to the summer. 

Mina Varano–President