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Perry Rally 2018 – FMCA’s 97th International Convention and RV Expo

I have contacted the folks in charge of security at the Perry Rally 2018. They are looking forward to our help again.

When you register for the rally you are presented with various options to select.  If you wish to attend and work security look for Early Security or Security.

Early security – Arrive on 3/11 with a meeting to be held at 3 pm. You will be working during the rally setup (pre-rally)


Security – Arrive on 3/12 with a meeting to be held at 3 pm. You will be working during the rally.

Check arriving with a caravan – “Carolina Pelicans” (We will set up a gathering time at Perry Rally for both early security and security folks) this will help us possibly park together.

If you wish to attend and not volunteer, then review other options.

Please contact me if you want to work either of these events or have signed up for either of these.

I need to send a list of names to the SEA President and FMCA headquarters.

As of the Billups Rally we have 18 members signed up.


Linda Kolfrat



Notes From Your President – June


Sorry this is a bit late, but Jim and I have been busy with his rehab from a right knee replacement. He spent 2 weeks in rehab and now we are busy with in home PT and other assistance. We want to thank folks for all their thoughts and prayers.

Two rallies are now under our wings for 2017.

Our first rally this year was held at Cypress Resort, Myrtle Beach, SC. We had great weather and lots of good friends and wonderful meals. There were even some of the chapter members that were able to stop by just to join us in the gathering for dinner. A special visits was made by Mickey and Paul Serlanio, it was wonderful to see them. Paul was the president when Jim and I joined the chapter in the 90’s. We also had two new members join us. Dave & Jan Fowler plus Jerry & Marie Dickerson. Wonderful having you join the Pelicans. There was also a Hawaiian best dressed contest, at dinner Friday night, and we played LRC after dinner, some went home with a few extra quarters.

The second rally was held at Fayetteville RV Resort Wade, NC. with 17 coaches. We lost one of our members, Jim Champion, a couple of weeks before the rally. Our prayers are with Leslie and her family.

Leslie, Jim, Bill and Carol Petras were the host. Bill and Carol took the reins and continued to run the rally. As would be expected the members of this Chapter stepped up and there was another successful weekend. We were all guest of the campground for meal on Thursday night.  It was a nice pulled pork dinner that they had for everyone in the campground.  Breakfasts were great and Dinner on Friday night cooked by George & Ro Edwards was first class.   A few new folks were able to join us for this rally.  Rusty and Rosemary LaBarre, who have been members for some time were able to attend there first rally and hopefully not there last. In addition, first timers were Tom and Coleen Leighty — Welcome!

Here’s hoping everyone has an enjoyable summer and that we see you folks again in October.

Notes from your President – January

We can sure say that we had a wonderful 2016, and here’s hoping that 2017 is as good. Our membership is growing, and I once again, welcome, all our new members. Last year we had many activities, starting in March, with our group volunteering by working with the security group at Perry, Ga. We had a large turn out and also took on several new members, plus some folks came home with newer motorhomes. Then we were off to Hilton Head. We had a wonderful rally at the Hilton Head RV Resort, what a way to start the year, with wonderful food and activities. Then in June we journeyed to the James Island Park, near Charleston, SC. Great weather, nice location and good fun. Some of the members were able to make the trip to Springfield Mass, to attend an Annual FMCA rally, where again we helped with security and Jim as our National Director attended meetings. After the hot summer, our group did the trip to Lewisburg, W. Virginia, for the Greater Eastern Area Rally (GEAR.) Here our group ran the Registration & Information Desk. We have been doing this for many years now. Thanks to the Holtzmans our leaders for this event, the chapter has established a good name for its self with FMCA, and thanks to the folks that work at this event.

Traveling down the road in, October we had our annual boon docking gathering at the Billups Plantation. Where we coincide the event with a full moon. We enjoyed campfires with entertainment, ice cream social, firing our guns, and great weather. To close out the events for 2016 we had our Christmas Rally at Lakewood RV Resort. This was a wonderful outing, one of the largest groups we have had for a Rally. There were outstanding meals and a great Christmas Party with a gift exchange.  Doing the Chinese gift exchange is lots of fun for all.

I am so proud of this chapter, as your president it has been fun for me. I want to thank the supporting cast that keeps this chapter going, your officers and all the other committee folks, without them it doesn’t work.

Looking forward 2017, we have our rally’s scheduled and I am looking forward to your continued support, because that’s what makes it all happen.

Happy New Year


GEAR 2011 Community Donations


10,922 meals from 2010 collections

 In addition to volunteering for GEAR we will once again be collecting non-perishable food products and cash for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina.

Suggested items: canned meats, tuna fish, dry or canned beans, chili, beef stew, peanut butter, canned fruit juice, shelf stable milk, canned vegetables, spaghetti sauce, canned fruit, dried fruit, all types of pasta, low sugar/high fiber cereals, whole grain rice, cream of wheat, oatmeal.  Please, no glass containers and no perishables.

Hope to see everyone at the Billups in October.  Have a great finish to the summer. 

Mina Varano–President