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GEAR Chapter Fair & Chapter Parade

Linda Muller received this flyer relating to the Chapter Fair and Chapter Parade for GEAR.  This is being forwarded so you will have some time to think about what we can do as a chapter.  Keep in mind that the Carolina Pelicans have a reputation for “WINNING”.  Put your minds in gear (creative) and commit your thoughts to paper.  This will be discussed in depth and final plans developed at the Billups Rally.  REMEMBER THE THEME:  IT’S SHOWTIME!!


Bob Update/Rally

I spoke with Bob over the weekend and he sounded in good spirits.  Asked if he was ready to be “sprung” from the joint and I got a resounding “YES”.  He says they tell him he is continuing to make progress but as I’m sure we all know it comes in baby steps.  He wants me to tell everyone how much he appreciates all the cards and letters and prayers.  Please keep them coming with words of encouragement.  We need to have him home prior to the rally which starts on September 10th, just a little over a month away.

I also received an email today from Linda (Bob’s daughter) who says the therapists have told him he must start doing everything unassisted.  That means that his progress is pretty much in his hands for the next 30 days.  Remember those cards and letters and how much they mean–prayers go without saying.  He still has a feeding tube but is scheduled to visit UNC Chapel Hill on the 18th to review the situation with his esophagus and hopefully receive some help with opening that up so that he can move towards a regular diet and removal of the tube.

Speaking of the rally, don’t forget that reservations (MANDATORY) must be received by August 31st, a little less than 4 weeks away.  I realize that this is usually not a requirement but because of the large number expected it is imperative for the food preparation and parking layout.

Stay cool!



Billups Rally

I haven’t figured out how to print this so if you need a hard copy, send me an email and I’ll reply with the flyer attached.

Tom Krimminger


Wade/Fayetteville KOA Rally

This rally is presently scheduled for May 30-Jun 2.  Tee and I had agreed to host it and realizing recently that we might not be able to attend I twisted Linda and Jim Kolfrat’s arms and they agreed to co-host.  Our circumstances now dictate that we stop dreaming about motorhoming for awhile and accept the realization that it just ain’t going to happen.

We also have heard comments regarding the timing of the rally–such things as Memorial Day, summer travel season, etc.  The reason for this post in advance of the rally this week is to give everyone a chance to think about it and then discuss it at the meeting and make a final decision based on the number of committed attendees.

Tee and I are both working hard at getting back on the road so hope to see all of you soon.


Tom and Tee


A Note From The Treasurer

Once again I am reminding all members that dues ($12.00) for 2013 are due.  I have extended the final date to January 31, 2013.  If there is a problem, please contact me and we will work something out.  If dues are not received by the 31st, your name will be removed from the Carolina Pelicans membership list.  Contact me at 914-456-5043.


Tentative Rally Schedule

Mark your calendars for 2013.  Check the pulldown menu for the schedule.  Please remember that all rallies are subject to change.


Notes from the FMCA Annual Rally at Indianapolis, Ind.
National Directors Meeting attended by Jim Kolfrat & Lonnie Owens 8AM-4:30PM
 The FMCA Insurance contract expires at the end of October 2012. A member purchase policy is available for those who want it for $85.00 single and $105.00 per family, per year.
 Expenses to FMCA were further reduced by eliminating stipends & travel payments for National Rally services like parking, safety & security making these stickily voluntary.
 Judy Czarsty was approved for life member status with thanks to all who signed the many petitions.
Jim Kolfrat
National Director

GEAR 2012 Travel

Just a short update on GEAR and travel arrangements.  Art gave me a wake-up call reminding me that if we wait until Billups Rally to make travel arrangements it just might be too late.  We have 12 coaches registered and it’s my understanding that 8 of those will be spending Saturday night on the road.  The plan is to rendezvous at the Amerikamps KOA in Ashland, VA (just north of Richmond).  I-95 Exit 89 Phone 1-800-628-2802.  Billups, Dimmery & Walsh are registered which leaves Hundley, Page, Perry, Sturgis, & Councilman who are not registered if planning to rendezvous at Ashland.  Chris and I rendezvoused there on our last trip to York and it’s a nice facility.  There is a fuel stop at Exit 89.

I spoke with reservations this morning and at this time they have adequate sites for Oct 6 so I would suggest making your reservations by the end of the weekend and confirming the same with Pete Walsh, the wagonmaster–843-615-0298.


I’m going to try this again so that, hopefully, no one will have any difficulty in opening the rally flyer.  I don’t really know what happened but Art Sturgis alerted me early on that all was “not well” in computerland.  I did make a change which worked for him but this new attempt should ensure that no one else has a similar problem.

NOW BACK TO THE RALLY.  It’s getting close to that time of year again when we terrorize Effingham.  The link below provides all the important information and comes to you courtesy of Miss Linda.




PeLoDaDo Camp Out

    Thursday, June 28 thru Sunday, July 1, 2012
                   Sleepy Bear’s RV Park
        465 Kenric Road, Lumberton, NC 29360
Thursday, arrive and on your own
Friday morning, biscuits, sweets, coffee, juice at 9:00 am
Friday lunch on your own
Friday night supper at Fullers Restaurant, leave at 5:30 pm
Saturday morning, biscuits, sweets, coffee, juice at 9:00 am
Business meetig starting at approximately 9:45 – 10:00 am
Saturday lunch on your own
Saturday night supper will be hamburgers with trimmings, (chili, onions, lettuce, tomato) chips, tea, and for dessert, homemade    ice cream
There will be a room we can use for our meals and entertainment.
Friday and/or Saturday nights, bingo will be offered if enough people want to play.  Bring an inexpensive gift or gifts if you have any around the house just occupying space, that someone might like to have.  Also, those who like and wish to play cards, the space is there.
Call and make reservations, no credit cards accepted.  Pay when arriving with cash or good check.  Let them know that you are with Carolina Pielicans.  Should you want to go in on Wednesday, feel free to do so.
$26.00 for 30 amp service or $28.00 for 50 amp service, plus tax
Sunday, depart and safe traveling
Any questions call Pete at 843-667-6565 or Danny at 843-669-8723

Rocks Pond 2012 Rally Details

Check out the link below for all the details.  Mina and John are the hosts.  Hope to see everyone there with great ideas for the 2012 season.

Rocks Pond 2012