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Minutes for review – Billups Rally October 2017




Nancy Holtzman offered an opening prayer for the Chapter at breakfast on Saturday. Linda Kolfrat opened our meeting with the Pledge of Allegience at 9:00.

The minutes of the Chapter’s Rally in Fayetteville, NC were read and accepted. Harvey Hundley made the motion to accept, and it was seconded by Bill Petras.

New Members Ted and Debbie Haguewood were recognized and welcomed with our Chapter flag and mugs.

Linda extended a Thank you to all attending, noting that this was the largest gathering ever held at Billups.

Sad news was related on the passing of Pete Walsh, one of our Charter Members.  Condolences were offered to Lonnie and Barbara Owens on the loss of their son, Chris Holtzman on the loss of a sister-in-law, and to Danny Dimmery on the passing of a brother.

Linda also mentioned that Rosemary LaBarre is dealing with sinus cancer and that Arnold Page also has medical issues.

On a happy note, Chris and Nancy Holtzman are celebrating 56 years of marriage.

Linda acknowledged Tony and Shirley Mitrione and Jim and Shirley Giffin’s work at Gear. Several new members signed up to join the Carolina Pelicans as a result.

She also described the update submitted to the FMCA website for the description of the Carolina Pelicans, and noted that incorrect dates for the next rally were listed in the magazine.

Linda brought up the Perry Rally and reported that our Chapter has been requested to work security at the event. She described that there was a need for ‘early security’ for vendor setup, and that volunteers would be entering the site on March 11th. There’s also a need for later security – for seminar sessions and so on… If members wanted to caravan, then the group could enter together, and be camped alongside each other.

The treasurer’s report was read and accepted. Chris Holtzman made the motion to accept and it was seconded by Marie Dickinson.

The Vice President, Harvey Hundley, reported on the golf outing for the other day, and the ‘turn of events’ that happened there. He also distributed updates to the directory.

This year, Jim Kolfrat, was unable to act as our National Director due to surgery, and David Toll attended the National Meeting as an Alternate. Elections were held and John Walker was elected President,

Rhett Porter, Vice President, Gaye Young, Secretary, and John Reynolds as Treasurer.

Steve Warthan as webmaster proposed posting our meeting minutes on the website and the availability of the Treasurer’s Report by request. His proposal was moved by Marie Dickinson and seconded by Ken Johnson, and approved.

Chris Holtzman was re-elected as Regional Vice President of the Southeast area, representing the Carolinas, and the 12 Chapters in that region. He described changes made to the by-laws, and reported that GEAR 2018 would be held Oct. 3- 6th, in York, PA.

The National vote on changes to the constitution of FMCA will be decided by a simple majority of the votes received from the membership.

Dave Fowler reported on the work for Habitat for Humanity before Gear opened.

Rallies for 2018:

Dale West reported that the April rally will be April 19-22 at the Grapefull Sisters campground, which has just 22 campsites, and the fee would be $32.80.  Danny mentioned a Dade Seafood in Tabor City as a good restaurant.

Ed and Ann Gallant described the June 6-9th rally to be held in Palmetto Cove, SC, in the western part of SC.

Ken and Linda reported that the Billups rally will be Oct. 24th – 27th.

The Nominations Committee reported on the slate of officers for election in December as:

President: Dale West

VP: Mary O’Neal

Secy/Treas: Anne Roney

National Delegate: David Toll, and alternate: Chris Holtzman

I asked for volunteers for a Membership committee, to ‘cover’ the Southern Area (around Charleston), the Central area (Florence), the Northern (North Carolina).  Nancy H volunteered for Southern, Linda Johnson for central, and George and Debbie Baumgartner for the Northern.  I will still contact North Myrtle Beach to Pawleys and surroundings.

There were questions asked about contacting members and discussed.

The meeting was adjourned.

These minutes will be read and approval requested at the Christmas rally in Ladson, SC.


FMCAssist Program

Linda Muller asked me to forward this regarding the new FMCAssist Program.In reviewing the information it appears (something I was totally unaware of) that there are some minor benefits whether or not you sign on to the full program.  These minor benefits would consist of coordination only by Seven Corners with all expenses being paid by the individual.  Lonnie or Jim should be able to enlighten us further either at our Billups meeting or at York.  Each of us should at least view all the information provided below prior to making a decision.


PS–Sorry about the overlapping material but at least it’s readable.  I’ll have to work on my formatting when I have more time.

FMCAssist Travel Assistance and Medical Evacuation Program

FMCA Announces the New FMCAssist Program

FMCA has teamed with Seven Corners to coordinate the FMCAssist travel assistance and medical evacuation program.

Under this program, which is effective Oct. 1, 2012, a host of travel and medical care services will be available to all FMCA members — Family, Commercial and Associate.

All FMCA members may use Seven Corners for 24-hour assist services as needed, with the member being directly responsible for all expenses incurred.

For enhanced coverage, members may sign up and pay the associated premium for the Voluntary Member Participation Plan, which pays for covered expenses up to certain maximums. The annual premium for the voluntary plan is $85 for one person, and $105 for a family.

The new FMCAssist program provides greater peace of mind for members traveling 100 miles or more from home, whether in a motorhome or a personal vehicle. And, with the exception of vehicle return, all benefits are available worldwide.

For more information and to enroll, click here.

Seven Corners, Inc.
303 Congressional Blvd., Carmel, Indiana 46032
(317) 582-2619

To change your mailing preferences or unsubscribe, click here. You may also unsubscribe by replying to this email with the word “unsubscribe” in the SUBJECT LINE.


I’m going to try this again so that, hopefully, no one will have any difficulty in opening the rally flyer.  I don’t really know what happened but Art Sturgis alerted me early on that all was “not well” in computerland.  I did make a change which worked for him but this new attempt should ensure that no one else has a similar problem.

NOW BACK TO THE RALLY.  It’s getting close to that time of year again when we terrorize Effingham.  The link below provides all the important information and comes to you courtesy of Miss Linda.




Membership Updates
I have just received a Chapter Roster for the Carolina Pelicans from FMCA and I noticed some of the email address incorrect
Please would you go to the Go the option MEMBERS and select the option membership update. At this location you can correct your email address, and any other information.


Hi folks.

Let’s not forget our next rally. Please contact Bob & Ann to let them know if you are going to attend: Click on the RALLY SCHEDULE drop down menu for the details.


        Oct 5th thru Oct 9th

             Our fall outing


                 Bob & Ann Billups


6620 Billups Lane, Effingham, SC

Contact Bob & Ann Billups 843-669-8104 to confirm your attendance.

 New Members

Welcome new member Tom & Carolyn Arney F330456

New Shirts: anyone interested in a new shirt with our logo, please give me a call             914-456-5043 .ASAP will try to get them before the GEAR.





From your secretary’s desk.
Chapter Services Publication Keeping in Touch Spring 2011. I would like to reference a few articles from that publication.
Membership record: Please encourage your members to check their membership records. Make sure all the information is correct concerning your name, co-pilot, F#, address, telephone number and email if applicable. This can be done by going to, click on Membership drop-down menu, click on Update Membership. You can call FMCA at 800-543-3622 or send email to
Chapter contact information: Potential new members can contact your chapter in a multitude of ways. If your chapter’s contact information is incorrect, it discourages a potential new member. I get email all the time from people telling me they tried to contact a certain chapter but either the phone number or email address was incorrect.