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April Rally – Hawaiian Outing


Join us for our Hawaiian outing.

April 19th thru April 23rd

Cypress Camping Resort 101 Cypress RV Way, Myrtle Beach, SC 843-293-0300

Reservations must be made by April 1st $37.80/day. Tell them you will be coming in with the Carolina Pelicans. We have 25 sites reserved, but sites not reserved by April 1st will be released.

Wed April 19th

Arrival day. Dinner on your own

Thurs April 20th

Breakfast: Pancakes and sausage

Dinner : Club will provide Hamburgers & Hot dogs. Members to provide a potluck dish to go with burgers and hot dogs OR a dessert.

A thru K side dish for dinner ——-L thru Z a dessert

Friday April 21st

Breakfast : Omelets in a bag.

Dinner: Hawaiian Dinner with the trimmings

Prizes for the best Hawaiian shirts and Muu Muu’s if you choose to dress

Sat April 22nd

Breakfast: pastries, bagels and cream cheese

Club Meeting

Dinner: dinner out, location to be announced

Sun April 23rd. ALOHA: departure and safe travels

For all you readers, we will also have a Book Exchange.  Also clean out your garage or RV basement for a Yard Sale.  Remember:  One person’s junk can be another person’s treasure.

Hosts: Anne Rone 518-542-1243 Linda Kolfrat 914-456-5043

Rally fees are $25.00 per person


Pelicans Rally at GEAR and at Billup’s Ranch

October 2016 was a busy month for the Carolina Pelicans.  Twenty units climbed the mountain to the GEAR Rally in Lewisburg, WV from October 1 through the 9 to manage the Information/Registration desk for the rally.  As always, we enjoyed the rally and the fellowship and the sightseeing.  gear2

This the scene on I-64 coming down into the New River Gorge.  Some of us made a side trip to this scenic area, others went to Greenbriar to see the Bunker and shop, and others just enjoyed the small town hospitality of Lewisburg.  We will be returning there next year, and Chris and Nancy Holtzman and Jim and Shirley Giffin are counting on your help again as we chair this important activity.

The weather was beautiful during our stay, with cool fallish evenings, some rain, but we had golf carts, so we enjoyed the fairgrounds which were a wonderful venue.gear1

Paul Bibb and Chris Holtzman participated in the golf cart rodeo.  Didn’t win, but they and the spectators had fun!  Better luck next year.

Almost immediately, the Pelicans flew into Effingham, SC for their annual “boon-docking” rally at the Billups with Linda and Ken Johnson and Bob Billups as hosts.  We began the rally with golf, went out to eat at the Schoolhouse Restaurant, dusted off our shooting skills as the shooting range Ken had prepared, and enjoyed campfires and evening entertainment.  We also chowed down on a delicious pork bog with all the fixins on Saturday night.  Our meeting was held Saturday morning, and several important business items were handled.  Breakfast on Saturday morning was sausage sandwiches, ably cooked by Tom Krimminger and Chris Holtzman.  The weather was wonderful this year, cooler than the previous year, so we had the ice cream social around the pool but no one was brave enough to hop in.  It was a wonderful rally and we thank the hosts for providing such a great setting for 17 or 18 coaches.  billups-1billups-2

The “wagons” are circled, just like in the old covered wagon days, and where the Pelicans land, there is always fun!


The weather was perfect for gathering to swap stories and visit.


The traditional campfire was perfect, and Ken Johnson proved to be an “Eagle Scout Fire Starter”.


Bob always times this rally to coincide with the full moon, so here it is!  Perfect ending to a perfect day and a perfect rally.  Who could possibly ask for more?

Well, stay tuned and plan to join the flock for our Christmas Rally being held at Lakewood Campground in Myrtle Beach November 30 through December 3.  Hope to see you all there!  If you have any questions about this rally, contact the hosts Ralph and Jo Esposito and Joe and Eileen Lenz.  See you in Myrtle Beach.





James Island Rally

Twenty Carolina Pelican Coaches gathered at James Island County Park in Charleston, SC on June 1 – 5.  Hosts for the rally were Pat and Ron Knight and Linda and Jim Kolfrat.  The participants enjoyed socializing, eating at the Tomato Shed on John’s Island, having breakfast together, and the great dog park at the facility.  Most of the group split up and went sightseeing during the daylight hours. Some went shopping in the Market, others took carriage rides, and some went on an informative cruise on the harbor. The Harbor Cruise took us past Ft. Sumter and Ft. Moultrie, as well as the Yorktown carrier and the Ravenel Bridge.  The view of the battery was unique. After the Harbor Cruise, a group went to Red’s Ice House on Shem Creek for a delicious seafood lunch.  Some of us wanted to revisit the submarine the Hunley since it is now in a more viewable position, but when we found it closed on Friday and Saturday, we went to Magnolia Cemetery and found the burial location of all three crews who perished while giving birth to submarine warfare.  Charleston is a great location with plenty to attract almost every interest.  We look forward to visiting it again at a future fally.  It was great to meet several new members, and we welcome them to our Pelican Flock, and look forward to seeing everyone at our next rally at the Billup’s Ranch in Effingham or at GEAR in October


Note from your President


Well we had another wonderful event. We were at the James Island County Park on James Island, SC.  It was a bit warm, but we had a nice turn out. There were 20 coaches that included four new members.  The Dillinger’s, Puffs, Meshels and Nancy Hild.  Welcome to all of you.  We are happy that we now have you as part of our chapter.

Again I want to thank the all of the members for stepping up and helping the host the Knights and the Kolfrats in getting this event set up at James Island.  It is a pleasant area, but some of the overhanging limbs on the streets to get there were a bit much.

We all enjoyed dinner at the Tomato Shed, and some even got to see VP Biden go by with his entourage.  Some folks went downtown Charleston, and some went on a harbor cruise.  They also had a wonderful doggie park that Chelsie and a few other pups enjoyed, they were able to run free into the water and get cool.

At our meeting it was proposed that the membership consider, changing our standing rule #1 to increase membership dues to $20.00 a year.  The dues have remained at the current amount of $12.00 since the formation of the Chapter in 2004.  A statement to this effect will be posted in the blog so all of the membership will know.  This proposal will be voted on at the next meeting (Billups Rally).

Jim and I will be heading north to Pa. soon.  I am looking forward to getting there so we can see our family.  We plan to attend the FMCA rally in Springfield along with several other members.  Jim will be attending the Directors meetings and I will be working with security again along with the rest of the folks.

Sure hope to see you folks at the GEAR in October.  Chris, Nancy & Tom our leaders, have done a lot of pre rally work for this event and it sounds like a wonderful location.  As a chapter we are proud of what we do there, working the registration and information desk, and for those of that haven’t done this before, it’s fun.  On your way home from W Virginia plan on joining in fun at the Billups Rally, Oct 13th thru Oct 16th., in Effingham, SC.  Details on this rally will be posted later.

Enjoy your summer, and safe travels on all of your adventures.



Pictures from Perry and Hilton Head Rallies


The “name entertainment”, Joe Diffey, Mark Chestnut, and Lori Morgan were sensational!

Hilton Head RV Resort is a beautiful spot and Jeff and Kim Bass were outstanding Rally Hosts.


Many of the vendors located in this building:PerryGA6

President Linda’s Letter


Well Perry 2016 and our first rally of the New Year are over.  For those who were unable to attend you were missed and you missed a wonderful time.  Final count from the Perry rally was that our chapter has increased by 7 new members.  Welcome to them all.

Congratulations to Harvey and Yvonne, Jim and Shirley and George and Ro on their recent upgrades in motorhomes and Chris and Nancy and Tony and Shirley on their new rigs.  Enjoy.

The Hilton Head event was wonderful.  The location (Hilton Head RV Resort) is a beautiful location.  It was Jim and my first trip to the area.  Our National FMCA secretary Gaye Young along with Jerry spend a day with our group, always nice to have them with us.

A very special thanks goes out to Jeff and Kim Bass for all the work that they did.  The Breakfast and Dinners were special.  They also had planned events that all the folks there took part in.  Kim, the ladies’ tea was fun and the Easter Baskets that were made were a nice touch.  They had great help from Chris and Nancy Holtzman.  I hope Chris didn’t get dish pan hands!  Wonderful event.  Thanks

A business meeting was held.

The next rally at James Island County Park, June 1st thru 5th is a sell out.  For the folks that have a reservation and can’t make it, Don’t Call the Park. please call Pat Knight (910-579-4667 or 910-616-5485) to cancel.  She has a waiting list….

Another item:  the Volunteer Security Group are looking for assistance at the FMCA Springfield Rally, Springfield, Mass. August 3rd thru the 7th 2016.  Please contact me if you are going and would like to volunteer for this group again.  914-456-5043 or

Safe Travels


Note from President in Perry

Note  From Your President


We made it to Perry, GA, all  22 coaches.  Welcome to all that were able to make it to this event and for giving of your time to Volunteer working with Security. No side arms were needed , just a pleasant smile  and a nice “Thank you for coming” was our weapon of choice.  Also, some of the folks worked for Handicap Golf Carts.

Happy that  Ralph & Jo Esposito were able to join us, despite  some of your issues you were able to get here.  Ralph, there  are some  great deals on tow bars and base plates here at the Rally,

Our presence has been noticed once again. The Pelicans were thanked by our National President, Charlie Adcock for stepping up and helping . With our assistance, the security folks had one of the larger groups of helpers in a long time. You folks are great.

Hope Harvey and Yvonne enjoy many more years traveling in their upgrade to a 42 footer, Bet you didn’t realize you had all those goodies in that older rig until you had to move . Enjoy.

Also our chapter continues to grow with as many as four new members.

After Perry some of us are off to Hilton Head, where we will be joined by some of the folks who were unable to be here .

Once again thanks for your support, we all should be proud of the Carolina Pelicans.

Safe travels

Linda Kolfrat

Word from the President

Well it is the beginning of a new year.  As your new president, along with our new officers I know that we can continue to keep the Carolina Pelican’s a happy & vibrant group.  It’s not only your officers it’s all the volunteers that help keep us afloat.  Much hard work is done to keep you folks informed and up to date as to what is going on.  We are always doing the best we can.

As you have already been made aware of, the rallies are all set up for the upcoming year. A Thank you to the folks that are hosting these rallies.  There is always a possibility for changes, so be patient.

Last year we had about 15 new members added to the chapter, and due to the normal attrition we lost about 10.  Welcome to all those members.  One of the nicest things that I have seen with this group, so many have stepped up to help keep this club what it is.

I would personally like to thank Chris and Nancy for the wonderful job they did leading this chapter and wish Chris lots of luck in his future journey with GEAR and he has our full support.

Thank you to you all, Jim and I wish all of you Happy Holidays.

See you in March in Perry.

Linda Kolfrat, President

FMCA Perry Information

FMCA Perry2016

2017 Officers and Volunteers

Elected Officers

President                  Linda Kolfrat

Vice President         Harvey Hundley

Sec./Treas.                Anne Roney

Nat. Director            Jim Kolfrat

Asst. Nat. Dir.          Tony Mitrione

Volunteer Positions

Rally Master              Vacant

Chaplin                        Arnold Page

Sunshine                    Doris Dimmery

Sheriff                         Danny Dimmery

Web Master               Steven Warthan

Directory                    Harvey Hundley

Photography             Pat Knight