Assistance for Bill Gewain

Received this comment from Bill Gewain today.  If anyone is familiar with that area, please reply directly to Bill via email.  Please note that the dates he refers to are Tue and Wed of this week.  Thanks



I will be in Pooler Ga doing some library work on behalf of my father at Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum. Do you know of any camping areas near Hilton Head , SC I’m considering boondocking at Camping World but looks like evenings might freeze. November 27th and 28th are the two nights I’ll be boondocking.
I am a Carolina Pelicans member in 2011.
Bill Gewain
New Bern, NC


2013 Dues

Medical Update

Just thought everyone would like to keep Bob Billups in their prayers this holiday weekend.  Bob just received his prostate cancer diagnosis this past week and at the present time, he is scheduled for his first appointment at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD on Wednesday, the 28th.  As I’m sure most of you know, the situation at this point in time is very fluid.  There is a possibility that Bob and Ann will be able to join us on Saturday, 12/1, but that is very much undecided at the present time.

Please keep Bob and Ann in your thoughts and prayers.

FMCAssist Program

Linda Muller asked me to forward this regarding the new FMCAssist Program.In reviewing the information it appears (something I was totally unaware of) that there are some minor benefits whether or not you sign on to the full program.  These minor benefits would consist of coordination only by Seven Corners with all expenses being paid by the individual.  Lonnie or Jim should be able to enlighten us further either at our Billups meeting or at York.  Each of us should at least view all the information provided below prior to making a decision.


PS–Sorry about the overlapping material but at least it’s readable.  I’ll have to work on my formatting when I have more time.

FMCAssist Travel Assistance and Medical Evacuation Program

FMCA Announces the New FMCAssist Program

FMCA has teamed with Seven Corners to coordinate the FMCAssist travel assistance and medical evacuation program.

Under this program, which is effective Oct. 1, 2012, a host of travel and medical care services will be available to all FMCA members — Family, Commercial and Associate.

All FMCA members may use Seven Corners for 24-hour assist services as needed, with the member being directly responsible for all expenses incurred.

For enhanced coverage, members may sign up and pay the associated premium for the Voluntary Member Participation Plan, which pays for covered expenses up to certain maximums. The annual premium for the voluntary plan is $85 for one person, and $105 for a family.

The new FMCAssist program provides greater peace of mind for members traveling 100 miles or more from home, whether in a motorhome or a personal vehicle. And, with the exception of vehicle return, all benefits are available worldwide.

For more information and to enroll, click here.

Seven Corners, Inc.
303 Congressional Blvd., Carmel, Indiana 46032
(317) 582-2619

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Notes from the FMCA Annual Rally at Indianapolis, Ind.
National Directors Meeting attended by Jim Kolfrat & Lonnie Owens 8AM-4:30PM
 The FMCA Insurance contract expires at the end of October 2012. A member purchase policy is available for those who want it for $85.00 single and $105.00 per family, per year.
 Expenses to FMCA were further reduced by eliminating stipends & travel payments for National Rally services like parking, safety & security making these stickily voluntary.
 Judy Czarsty was approved for life member status with thanks to all who signed the many petitions.
Jim Kolfrat
National Director

GEAR 2012 Travel

Just a short update on GEAR and travel arrangements.  Art gave me a wake-up call reminding me that if we wait until Billups Rally to make travel arrangements it just might be too late.  We have 12 coaches registered and it’s my understanding that 8 of those will be spending Saturday night on the road.  The plan is to rendezvous at the Amerikamps KOA in Ashland, VA (just north of Richmond).  I-95 Exit 89 Phone 1-800-628-2802.  Billups, Dimmery & Walsh are registered which leaves Hundley, Page, Perry, Sturgis, & Councilman who are not registered if planning to rendezvous at Ashland.  Chris and I rendezvoused there on our last trip to York and it’s a nice facility.  There is a fuel stop at Exit 89.

I spoke with reservations this morning and at this time they have adequate sites for Oct 6 so I would suggest making your reservations by the end of the weekend and confirming the same with Pete Walsh, the wagonmaster–843-615-0298.


It appears that the Pelicans have once again surpassed all expectations and will be a shining star at GEAR 2012.  Everyone is registered but there’s one more tiny little tidbit that needs to be accomplished.  We should all have our credentials.  Check your credentials and make sure that they indicate VOLUNTEER ELECTRIC.  If they indicate otherwise(amazing, but that has happened), call either Chris or me and we will assist in correcting the problem.  Further instructions will be forthcoming at the Billups Rally(Pete is the Wagonmaster for those desiring to caravan) but keep in mind that GEAR is only a week away after the Billups Rally so best to resolve  any problems prior to Billups Rally.



On Tuesday Tee visited her lung surgeon to receive the results of her latest CT Scan.  Great news–no change from her last scan in February.  Now if we can just gain control of her blood pressure, all will be well!

Harvey had his heart catherization yesterday and passed with flying colors!  The bad news is that there’s still no answer as to his symptoms of fatigue, etc.  A change of blood pressure medications may assist.

For those who may be considering an early arrival in York for GEAR, SOONER RATHER THAN LATER is the time for reservations.  Chris and Nancy managed to snag an opening at Gettysburg KOA–it took me 3 tries to snag one at Artillery Ridge Campground.  Good luck!


    Just wanted to let you all know that Harvey will be having a heart catherization on Wed, Aug 15 at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC.
    He’s been short of breath, fatigued and just not feeling good — the cardiologist reviewed all his tests and aren’t sure exactly what is going on, but felt he was so symptomatic that he had to make sure.  The doc mentioned that he thinks a valve is not closing properly and that when the aorta pumps at rest that it causes a back pressure.  They will repair anything they find during the procedure.
    Keep us both in your prayers.
                                                   Love, Yvonne


I’m going to try this again so that, hopefully, no one will have any difficulty in opening the rally flyer.  I don’t really know what happened but Art Sturgis alerted me early on that all was “not well” in computerland.  I did make a change which worked for him but this new attempt should ensure that no one else has a similar problem.

NOW BACK TO THE RALLY.  It’s getting close to that time of year again when we terrorize Effingham.  The link below provides all the important information and comes to you courtesy of Miss Linda.